We are excited to announce that Peaks Foundation (formerly 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Africa) will be merging with No Barriers USA, a non-profit organization based in Fort Collins, Colorado.  

There are many stories surrounding the journey of Peaks Foundation - we would need a yearlong burning campfire to run through them all. Memories we hope will live on and continue to inspire. A lot more was invested into this Foundation than just trekking and many more people were involved than those you see on the Peaks Foundation 'Team Page'. A huge number of volunteers, supporters, sponsors, and friends not to mention our constantly supporting family.  Endless fundraising events were hosted. Films were produced. Conferences were attended. And most importantly, a massive impact was made around the world. Over $1.1 million dollars has been divided between organizations working in Africa, Asia, and South America. These organizations serve girls and women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. It has helped some acquire much-needed healthcare, it sent others to school, it encouraged many to conserve their local environment, and it provided opportunities for new businesses and innovation. 

Over 373 women and girls joined our global expeditions and our leadership & adventure summits and the impact we had on these women was a constant driver for the organization.  During Peaks Foundation events boundaries were torn down, friendships were made and personal challenges were overcome. As women who experienced many of our own programs, we can truly say, our journey with Peaks has forever changed our lives. We are grateful for each and every person we have met along the way, the trails we have trekked, emotions we have experienced, and the confidence it has given us throughout all aspects of our life.

Peaks has been a network of paths. It has organically grown in ways we never envisioned. Like any mountain trek, it had its ups and downs. It had breaks along the way. It changed paths, retraced paths and created new paths. We didn't always reach the summit, but we learnt so much from the journey we undertook.

Going forward, we hope the map will continue to unfold and reveal new routes and destinations. Our partnership with No Barriers USA is an exciting step in the Peaks journey. Their mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit.  Through transformative experiences, tools, and inspiration, they help people embark on a quest to contribute their absolute best to the world.  We are proud to be joining this community and transitioning Peaks to support No Barriers in their development of ‘No Barriers Women.’ We hope you will continue to join the events and expeditions to ensure that women are unleashing their full potential and living lives full of purpose and meaning.

We would like to thank all of you for joining, supporting, advising, encouraging and inspiring us. Together, we have made Peaks Foundation a successful endeavour that has impacted many.

Thank you for an amazing climb.

Chloe and Laura

Founders of Peaks Foundation